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Sootypaws Journal

A blog for the Sootypaws website

External Services:
  • sootypaws@livejournal.com
Sootypaws is the name of our, Molly's and George's, website and this blog is an adjunct to it.

We live in the woods, off the grid since 1991, making our living as blacksmiths. Our lives in the hills of rural West Virginia are surrounded by beautiful trees, three amazing cats, and an ever growing book collection.

Topics on our blog will mirror those on our site: living off the grid, living in the woods, and making a living as blacksmiths. This blog will serve as an archive and as a means for readers to comment to posts in the News section of the site.

We've just been told that a gas well is being sited on our property with its attendant road and pipeline and a number of posts will deal with that issue and this country's energy policy.

We hope people enjoy our website, enjoy the blog here on Livejournal and feel free to comment.