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fall leaf

Kitty Boy Outside

Kitty Boy finally got to go outside on Monday; it had been a little over two weeks since his operation.

His recovery has been speedy and he's becoming more and more proficient at moving around on three legs. Play with Bobo has really helped. It's amazing the things he can do now: use the cat doors, run across the yard (it's hard to tell he's missing a leg when he's running), chase Bobo, be chased by Bobo, and he's started going up trees! Only three feet or so, but that's a great beginning.

Now that Kitty Boy can use the cat doors he can more easily move through our house. There's a cat door between the house and the addition (we don't heat the addition during the worst part of winter) and another between the addition to the screened porch in back. Anytime he wants he can be almost outside. The west porch is a favorite spot of Bobo's and now Kitty Boy's. There's another kitty door from the outside onto the front porch (which gets blocked with a wood slide at night when everyone is in). In the summer using that door allows the cats to come in and out of the house whenever they want during the day when we're home.

    Kitty Boy on the prowl on one of the graveled paths in our yard.
  Before his operation, Kitty Boy didn't use his nose to explore. He's an eager sniffer now.
  Bobo and Kitty Boy passing each other. They both are incredibly close -- the best of friends.
  Chances are Kitty Boy and Bobo aren't far apart during their day outside.